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Bodybuilders and Their Love of Protein

Bodybuilders are known for their love of protein. Why is this? Protein is basically like building blocks for the body. Aside from water, your body's next most abundant substance is protein. In fact, it makes up 15-20% of a person's body weight and 60-70% is actually located in the skeletal muscles. This is why weight lifters can't consume enough protein. Proteins are a compound of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrogen is the most important element here. This is because nitrogen in protein helps increase metabolism and gain muscle mass. It's been shown that the greater the intake of nitrogen and less excretion, the more the muscles grows. Another reason protein is so important is because your body is constantly changing. To give you a few examples, scientists have proven that in three months, your body creates a whole new skeleton. New cells replace old ones from the lining in your stomach to your muscles all the time. Protein in foods is r...


Muscle Building Training - Your Perfect Body Awaits You!

Muscle building programs are geared to build muscle mass quickly and they are especially productive when used together with a healthy diet and regular programmed exercises.Because of the way muscle builds, it's vital to follow a good regime of exercise and rest together, or you will, likely as not, hold yourself back, slowing progress towards the body you want.If you are looking for other needs in your overall fitness program, then take the time to find out the most effective mix of exercises. Then program it so that you do the various muscle building exercises with the right regularity.This can keep you working out frequently, with the relevant program on the right days, resting the muscle sets that need recovery time for optimum development.Diets And Muscle Building Training - The Best Combination?Bottom line is that muscle development comes from the training you do, not the supplements you take, or the food you eat. Think about it - if you are a couch potato eating the perfect muscle building diet, you ar...


How Does Food Synergy Give You More Energy?

The science of "food synergy", "food combining" or "food coupling" began being evaluated by modern scientists after the discovery of micro nutrients. Food combining is the practice of eating certain foods together that increase the amount of nutrition your body will absorb from the foods. The more nutrients you get, the more energetic you can feel. Why not learn a little about food combining, and make the food you're already enjoying even healthier for you?This doesn't mean the (now discredited) notion of avoiding carbs & proteins together or the avoidance of mixing fruits and vegetables under the false fear of them somehow "cancelling each other out". This is the use of foods together that have been proven to provide benefits for you. All food eaten is digested in the same places (stomach, small & large intestine) and in both acid and more alkaline environments as digestion progresses. In the past 10 years, research has come a long way toward understanding just how food synergy works according to Ela...


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